Vision Statement:  From Vision to Victory

Our Vision Explained

We believe that the New Testament Church must represent the light of Christ (Vision) to a dark world and prepare her members to lead Victorious Christian Lives (Victory) through Christ Jesus.

We further believe it to be our Christian duty to be a church where every born again believer is being equipped for ministry while working in unity with one another; a church where the least, the last, and the lost can find hope, help, guidance, acceptance and love.

Mission Statement: To seek and save the lost, to support and shape the membership and community, to serve this present age.

Our Mission Explained

Our mission is to seek those that have not accepted Christ as their personal Savior; to present them with the plan of salvation, thereby affording them the opportunity to be saved from eternal death; nurturing them in the Word; providing support to the membership of the church and community; and shaping their maturity through spiritual discipleship; thus preparing them for worship and Christian service.

– Motto: A loving heart sees the need… And does what needs to be done

“Working Together As One Body in Christ” 1 Corintians 12:12